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Sanaev Viktor Georgievich

Position: Director of Mytishchi branch of Bauman MSTU

Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic title: Professor

Scientific direction: Wood Science and Technology of Wood Products

E-Mail: rector@mgul.ac.ru

Tel.: 8 (495) 586-92-43

Sanaev Viktor Georgievich was born in 1956 in Petrozavodsk. In 1973 he entered, and in 1978 graduated from the Moscow Forestry Institute.

After the successful completion of the Faculty of Mechanical and Chemical Wood Technology, V.G. Sanayev started his work biography at the furniture company "Interior" as an engineer. An able and talented graduate was noted by the head of the chair of technology of wood products, a prominent scientist in the field of woodworking and furniture production, professor, doctor of technical sciences B.M. Buglay, inviting to the post of assistant chair. Along with the teaching work, the young scientist prepares the thesis. In 1983, defending a candidate for furniture finishing, he remained at the department as an assistant professor.

In 1987, the leadership of the university drew attention to the pronounced organizational abilities of Viktor Georgievich and appointed him head of the research department of the MLTI. In this position, he successfully worked until March 1993, while at the same time he headed the research laboratory of timber. In 1997, V.G. Sanayev was appointed Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Educational and Methodological Association for Forestry Education. It was then that Viktor Georgievich proved himself as an outstanding organizer who managed to consolidate the rector's corps of higher educational institutions that are members of the UMO. At the same time he was prepared and brilliantly defended on the specialized council of the university dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences. He was approved in the title of professor of the chair of technology of wood products.

Victor Georgievich proved himself to be an experienced leader, creative scientist, sensitive and genuinely intelligent person. And when the question arose about the choice of the rector of the Moscow State Forest University, the staff of the university and the leadership of the Ministry of Education had no doubts - Professor VG. Sanaev is completely ready for the rector's activity. Since 2003 he was elected rector of the Moscow State Forest University

Being a major specialist in the field of technology of wood products, he heads the Chair of Wood Science. V.G. Sanaev published 115 scientific works, among them 2 monographs, 3 teaching aids. Under his scientific guidance, 3 candidates of science were trained and defended.