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«Lesnoy vestnik / Forestry Bulletin»

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Publication ethics

Edition of the journal «Lesnoy vestnik / Forestry Bulletin» is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (http://publicet.org/code), and also takes into account the valuable experience of a reputable international journals and publishing houses.

Ethical standards and rules required for all participants in the process of publication of scientific materials: authors, reviewers, editorial board members, editors and publishers of employees.

Code of conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors – Committee on Publication Ethics (http://publicationethics.org/resources/code-conduct).


Note: This document combines the original COPE Guidelines from 1999, the Code of Conduct developed in 2003, and the Best Practice Guidelines developed in 2007. This revision was developed after wide consultation with COPE members and approved by the COPE Council on 7th March 2011.


In this combined version of the documents, the mandatory Code of Conduct for Journal Editors standards are shown in regular script and with numbered clauses, and the more aspirational:

  • General duties and responsibilities of editors.
  • Editors should be accountable for everything published in their journals.

This means the editors should

  • strive to meet the needs of readers and authors;
  • strive to constantly improve their journal;
  • have processes in place to assure the quality of the material they publish;
  • champion freedom of expression;
  • maintain the integrity of the academic record;
  • preclude business needs from compromising intellectual and ethical standards;
  • always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.


Publishers should:

  • Define the relationship between publisher, editor and other parties in a contract.
  • Respect privacy (for example, for research participants, for authors, for peer reviewers).
  • Protect intellectual property and copyright.
  • Foster editorial independence.

Publishers should work with journal editors to:

  • Set journal policies appropriately and aim to meet those policies, particularly with respect to:
  • Editorial independence
  • Research ethics, including confidentiality, consent, and the special requirements for human and animal research
  • Authorship
  • Transparency and integrity (for example, conflicts of interest, research funding, reporting standards
  • Peer review and the role of the editorial team beyond that of the journal editor
  • Appeals and complaints
  • Communicate journal policies (for example, to authors, readers, peer reviewers)
  • Review journal policies periodically, particularly with respect to new recommendations from the COPE
  • Code of Conduct for Editors and the COPE Best Practice Guidelines
  • Maintain the integrity of the academic record
  • Publishcorrections, clarifications, andretractions
  • Publish content on a timely basis